Does Hot Water Work To Defrost The Windshield Fast?

December 21, 2020
frozen windshield

When rushing to work, the last thing you want is to deal with is an icy windshield. Many will try quick fixes to solve the problem but may do more harm than good. In this article, we discuss some of the correct methods you can use without causing damage to your windshield.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring An Auto Glass Repair Company

December 7, 2020
windshield inspection

Cracked windows are infectious to your vehicle no matter how big or small they are. The cracks will continue to spread if you leave them unattended. Furthermore, the crack can end up being harmful to you. This article outlines what you should know about the company before you hire an auto glass repair company.

What Is A Lane Departure Warning System?

November 23, 2020
car with lane departure warning system

The best way to drive safely is to use available safety technologies in vehicles today. One such technology is the lane departure warning system. This typically uses a camera mounted on the windshield to monitor the street lanes and the car’s positioning about these. In this article, we discuss more on lane warning departure systems.

Summertime Auto Glass Repairs: Do Hot Temperatures Matter?

November 2, 2020
cracked windshields and summer heat

Summer is a great time to drive around, especially towards beautiful destinations that are at their peak during the season. However, there are a few things that motorists should be careful about while they are on the road. One of them is the emergence of chips and cracks on their windshield.

Not All Windshield Chips Are Created Or Repaired Equally

October 26, 2020
star break in windshield

Windshield damage varies widely ranging from small chips that require minimal or no repair to big cracks that require extensive repairs. In most cases, windshield damage is caused by road debris including flying debris. The most common types of windshield repair and damage are outlined in this article.