Should I Take The Car To The Shop Or Have Mobile Windshield Replacement?

January 15, 2024
woman dealing with a cracked windshield

If there are problems with your windshield, then you should call for professional help as soon as possible. If the damage is significant and a windshield replacement is inevitable, then you can choose between two options. You can take the car to the shop or avail of mobile windshield replacement.

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Myths: Debunking Common Misconceptions Surrounding Auto Glass Services

January 1, 2024
image of myth vs reality depicting auto glass myths

Auto glass plays a crucial role in vehicle safety and aesthetics, but, unfortunately, it’s often misunderstood. This article debunks some common myths that surround auto glass repair and replacement, providing essential information for vehicle owners to ensure safety, appearance, and structural integrity. We’ll clarify key facts about auto glass services.

When to Stay Off the Road: Recognizing Unsafe Winter Driving Conditions

December 18, 2023
image of cars in harsh winter driving conditions

Winter brings not only enchanting snowfalls and cozy nights but also dangerous driving conditions, leading to increased road accidents. The U.S. Department of Transportation notes over 150,000 annual accidents due to ice and snow. Acknowledging and preparing for these hazardous conditions is crucial for safe driving in the colder months.

Cracked Windshield Repair in Cold Weather

December 4, 2023
driving in snow depicting cracked windshield repair in winter

A cracked windshield in winter is a heightened safety concern. Cold weather can make auto glass repairs more complex. This article emphasizes timely fixes, especially during colder months, and showcases Liberty AutoGlass’s expertise in addressing winter windshield challenges. We’ll discuss how cold affects repairs and solutions to ensure year-round road safety.

Exploring Different Types of Auto Glass Repairs: Resin Injection, Crack Filling, & More

November 20, 2023
image of resin injection for windshield repair

In automotive maintenance, auto glass repair is a crucial yet often overlooked component. Equally important as engine health or vehicle body strength, maintaining auto glass ensures passenger safety and comfort. This article will explore the diverse methods of auto glass repair, aiming to guide you towards restoring your vehicle’s optimal condition.