Beat the Heat: Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

July 3, 2023
image of a woman suffering from heat in car depicting how to keep car cool in the summer

The peak of the heat is here and everyone knows the feeling of getting into your car after it has been sitting in the
sun. It might just like the the equivalent of walking into an oven. When it is brutally hot out, it can also make running errands unpleasant especially when you can’t seem to get the interior of your vehicle to cool down to a temperature that feels tolerable. The good news is that you can while beat the heat by doing plenty of easy things that can make you feel comfortable in your car . This article outline some of the best ways to stay cool in your car during the summer and some additional tips for protecting your auto glass.

A Brief History Of Auto Safety Glass

June 22, 2023
image of an antique car depicting auto safety glass and windshield

When horseless carriages first came on the scene in the late 1800s, none had a windshield to protect the occupants. In fact, the first autos were largely open vehicles. Sometimes, these autos had canopies to partially shield occupants from the elements. It didn’t take long, however, for drivers and passengers to realize that they needed protection from the wind while traveling down roads at speeds higher than the normal pace of horses. In this article, we will cover some of the highlights that helped develop the windshield as a primary safety feature that you can see in today’s modern day vehicles. Click through to read more.

How Do I Protect My Front Windshield From Rocks?

June 5, 2023
image of a damaged windshield after rock hit windshield

Windshields play a crucial role in keeping drivers and passengers safe. If a rock hit your windshield, then hire a reputable auto glass shop to repair or replace it as soon as possible.This article discusses how to protect your windshield from rocks, as well as the dangers of driving with a damaged windshield.

How To Spot an Auto Glass Scam

May 8, 2023
image of the words scam alert depicting auto glass scams

When you need a windshield replacement, avoid auto glass scammers. They aim to squeeze money out of unsuspecting individuals by offering unnecessary, overpriced, and substandard services. As a car owner, you need to know how to spot an auto glass scam and deal with them appropriately. Read on to learn more.

The Auto Glass Repair Industry Is Unregulated: What Does This Mean?

April 24, 2023
image of a smashed windshield

We live in an imperfect world, which means that anything is fair game in some industries. However, there are enforceable rules that regulate a variety of industries for the sake of the consumers’ safety. However, the auto glass repair industry does not have regulations. Click through to read more on this subject.