Windshield Tips For The Summer Heat

Hot weather spells trouble for car windshields. Owners who live in areas where temperatures rise well into the 90s and above need to keep a close eye on their windshields. Doing so will help prevent tiny problems from becoming big ones.

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Auto Glass Service Weissport East PA: Windshield Tips For The Summer Heat

Here’s a quick checklist for car owners who would rather prevent glass damage then have to repair it:

Washing Your Car In The Summer While Preventing Auto Glass Damage

Don’t wash the car, or the windshield, when it’s exposed to direct rays of the sun. Most wash water is cold and can lead to a crack because of the temperature disparity between the hot glass and cold liquid.

Remember that washing is a no-no if your car has cracked or damaged glass. Get the chip or crack repaired before washing a car. Washing on cloudy days or in the evening will lessen the probability of a crack, and also helps prevent soap suds from causing spots on your vehicle.

Best Places To Park In The Summer

parking in the shadeAlways try to park in shady areas rather than use sun shades. The shades can actually cause the glass to heat up to dangerous levels.

If it’s really hot outside and you can’t locate a shaded parking space, roll one or two of the windows down about a quarter of an inch to keep surface temperatures of the glass down.

Heat & Windshield Damage

As soon as you notice even a tiny chip in a windshield, visit an auto glass shop to prevent the damage from spreading. Actions as innocent as slamming a door or shutting a trunk with too much force can turn a minuscule chip into a considerable crack.

Be careful with water and hoses. Summer is always a good time to clean out your car and spiff it up. That chore typically includes a thorough wash job. Whenever you apply water to your car’s glass, remember to take the necessary precautions. Wash in the shade, as noted above, but also check the water temperature before you begin your task. Never apply cold water to a hot windshield or hot water to a cool one. A moderate temperature disparity can cause any pane of glass to crack.

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Keep Your Windshield Clean During The Summer

cleaning car windowsIt seems like a small detail, but it’s important to keep all the glass on your car clean. Why?

Because it’s much easier to notice tiny chips and hairline cracks on clean glass.

Dirty glass tends to hide small imperfections and damage. If possible, try to wash your car at least every two weeks and wipe off the windshield and other auto glass every few days.

After all, not only will you notice any damage, but it also helps keep your visibility to optimum levels while driving.


Stay Alert During Vacation Road Trips

If your family likes to take road trips during the summer, as so many people do, remember to do a nightly windshield check. There’s a lot of debris on highways and combined with highway speeds, it’s easy for glass to suffer minor or major damage. Each evening during your road trip, use a flashlight to inspect all the windows on your car. It’s also wise to do a quick walk-around of the vehicle to see if everything is in good shape.

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Go To A Pro When You Notice Auto Glass Damage

Always call a professional auto glass specialist for windshield repairs. Attempting a do-it-yourself fix might work for a while but can do long-term damage and make a bad situation worse. Once a chip or small crack appears, it’s time to seek expert help. Car owners can do themselves a great service by taking preventive measures like the pointers listed above. It can prevent having to replace a broken windshield.

It’s always better, and less costly, to stop a chip or crack before it happens. All you have to do is be smart about windshield care. Summer months are the most dangerous season for your car’s glass. Therefore, remember to inspect the windshields and car window glass regularly. The sooner you see a problem, the easier it will be to fix.

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