Is Cheap Windshield Repair Or Replacement Safe?

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According to industry experts, a majority of windshield installations in America are done incorrectly. This means they could easily pop off in the event of a rollover or a head-on collision. This is a big problem because the glass should stay in, preventing the roof from caving in. Also, it acts as a barrier because it prevents the impact of the accident from throwing out the occupants. Unfortunately, a low-cost or cheap windshield replacement and windshield repair is considered a low-quality windshield installation, meaning it is dangerous.

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The Problems With Cheap Windshield Installations

In this article, we will discuss three reasons why cheap windshield installations are often dangerous and should be avoided.

Cheap Slow Curing Urethane Adhesive

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Windshield services that charge ridiculously low prices for windshield repairs or replacements…

often use inferior materials and parts. They comprise the integrity of the replacement windshield. For instance, the adhesive, urethane, that binds your windshield in place on your car is a vital component of your car’s windshield safety system. For this reason, it has to withstand significant stress and impact in the event of a collision.

Unfortunately, various grades of urethane adhesives are available on the market. They range from high-quality adhesives to low-quality adhesives. Of course, high-quality products typically cost significantly more than low-quality products. To lower their costs, cheap windshield repair and replacement services often use low-quality slow curing urethane adhesives, comprising the structural integrity of a windshield. Remember, in a crash, the windshield should support the roof of a car or act as a barrier.

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Uncertified And Unqualified Auto Glass Technicians

Many discount auto glass technicians…

lack the necessary training and expertise. For this reason, they are unlikely to adhere to the Federal Safety Standards when replacing/repairing a windscreen. In other words, they are more likely to do a shoddy job or even damage critical components of your vehicle. This includes the E-coating. A damaged E-coating can compromise your safety.

E-coating is basically an electro-plate coating. It prevents water from reaching the pinch weld. By doing this, it protects the pinch weld from corrosion. A corroded pinch weld eventually causes your windshield to leak. More importantly, a corroded pinch weld is unable to hold your windshield firmly in place. Of course, even a professional technician can accidentally damage the E-coating. However, a professional technician would likely prime or repair the damage.

To be on the safe side…

you should only engage with windshield replacement and repair technicians that are certified by the relevant organizations and associations, such as the National Glass Association.

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Liability And Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Because discount windshield repair and replacement services lack the necessary certifications and training, they are unlikely to carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance. In general, only certified technicians are required to carry this type of insurance. Liability and workers’ compensation insurance is important because it covers work-related injuries as well as property damage (damage to your auto).

In addition, when you use a reputable auto glass shop, they will, more than likely, guarantee their work for as long as you own the car. This means that they carry insurance that covers them if an accident were to occur and they stand by their work. This should give you peace of mind when selecting an auto glass repair shop.

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Cheap windshield installations are often bad installations, meaning they are dangerous and the windshield will not keep you safe when you need it to. Most discount windshield installations services use low-quality materials and uncertified technicians. Also, they do not guarantee their work and they do not carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

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