The Dangers Of An Incorrectly Installed Windshield

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Nobody likes to shell out their hard-earned cash on auto glass replacements and repairs. When faced with the need to replace the windshield of their car, many auto owners are automatically drawn to the lowest price. While it’s perfectly understandable to try and save some money, if you elect to go with a low-quality windshield, it could end up costing you your life when you are involved in an accident. Proper windshield installation really starts with the workmanship, as some of the cheapest options out there also mean sub-par installation.

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Consequences Of Having A Poorly Installed Windshield

A windshield that has not been correctly installed could actually pop out while you are driving at high speeds. Think about it: no one wants to be barreling down the highway at 70 miles per hour as their windshield is giving way. Additionally, if an incorrectly installed windshield pops out, it could also cause the roof of the vehicle to cave in. Consequently, this could crush the occupants during a rollover.

Another gamble you take with an incorrectly installed or improperly glued windshield is the possibility of it blowing out if the airbags were to deploy during an accident. Car crashes are terrifying as it is. No need to add in another dangerous scenario.

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How A Windshield Protects You

As the number one safety restraint in your car, the windshield is typically made up of two thick sheets of glass, fused together by a bonded layer of exceptionally strong vinyl. Therefore, if a windshield breaks, it’s that layer of vinyl that holds the broken windshield shards in place. When you think of it this way you can see why proper materials and installation are imperative.

If a windshield is made with improper materials—and is not strong enough—a motorist could even be thrown from a speeding car if it were to break or pop out. Sadly, the chances of survival after being thrown from a vehicle in motion are slim to none.

Auto glass experts suggest asking repair or body shops if they use original equipment glass for their windshield replacements. This particular type of glass is typically made of much higher quality and tends to fit better. Additionally, you should also be sure to ask how long your vehicle should sit following the installation. If the body shop owner says you are free to drive your car home right away do NOT use the shop. Cars should sit for about 12 hours before they can be driven, as the glue must fully fuse to prevent any of the issues outlined above.

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How Do You Know If Your Windshield Was Installed Incorrectly?

Need to determine if y our new windshield was installed properly? There are a few telltale signs. First, did the installer wear gloves? If an installer failed to wear gloves, there are natural oils that could have reversed the adhering process of the glue.

Was the old windshield adhesive removed? If not, this is a major concern and the thick glass needs to lie completely flush with the car. This is not possible if the old adhesive was left on. Additionally, it can interfere with the recently applied glue.

Finally, is the molding around your newly replaced windshield bumpy? If so, the wrong molding was likely used. Go back and demand a refund.

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Your windshield needs to be properly installed in order to keep you safe during an accident. An improperly installed windshield can cost you your life. Therefore, it is important that you use the above tips to verify if your windshield has been installed properly. Even better, make sure that you find a trusted auto glass shop that prioritizes your safety.

Liberty AutoGlass offers proper windshield installation so that you and your passengers remain as safe as possible if you are involved in a serious accident. We use the highest quality materials to ensure that your safety is a priority. When you believe that your windshield has been installed incorrectly, be sure to contact us, and will address it immediately.

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Liberty AutoGlass is your go-to when you need an experienced and trustworthy auto glass shop in the area. Our team consists of licensed auto glass technicians who can provide the best windshield repairs and installations. This way, your windshield can do its job in the event of an accident. Our experts use the highest quality materials to ensure that your safety is a priority. We also work with all major insurance companies and can handle your claim from beginning to end.

The mobile auto glass services that Liberty AutoGlass offers will allow your damaged windshield or broken auto glass to be repaired or replaced quickly and at the convenience of wherever your car is parked. Therefore, we come to you and you can go about your day as you would normally, without any interruptions. Liberty AutoGlass fixes windshields, back glass, door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and more.

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