Is Replacing Your Rear Windshield The Same As Replacing Your Front Windshield?

Nothing is more frustrating to a driver than a cracked rear windshield. This common issue can prevent normal and safe visibility for any car.

As the name suggests, the rear windshield is at the back of your car. This reinforced glass shield is designed to protect rear passengers from the external elements. Similarly, it helps secure your vehicle’s frame, while protecting occupants from flying debris due to inclement weather conditions.

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Rear Windshield Replacement: What You Need To Know

image of a windshield replacementYour rear windshield is just as important as your front windshield. Not only do these units protect your car from outside elements, but they also serve as wind-guards. Therefore, they must be clear of cracks and any visible damages.

Drivers need a clear, rear windshield to see which cars are behind them when in motion. Similarly, the rear-view mirror must correlate with the rear windshield to keep the driver and any passengers safe and sound.

With this in mind, even the slightest crack from a pebble or gravel can lead to shattering and problems. To prevent mishaps from occurring while on the road, you need to have your rear windshield replaced by a licensed and certified installer. You should never delay the process, and replacement can save your life — and that of your passengers — in the event of fender-benders or auto collisions.

Remember, having protection from the rear is just as important as the front-end. This protection ensures an entirely safe and operating vehicle; one that will pass all state inspection requirements if excessive cracks are not present in any windshield or window in your automobile.

How Are Rear Windshields Made?

Rear windshields are constructed a bit differently from front windshields. However, the make, model, and year of your car depends on the overall construction and design. For example, smaller SUVs may have smaller rear windshields than larger luxurious vehicles or trucks. With this in mind, here are some constant essentials of how the automobile industry manufactures rear windshields:

  • Most back windshields use tempered glass. This glass is similar to side windows, quarter glass panels, and vent windows.
  • The automotive industry reinforces back car windows with chemical, thermal treatments to secure shatter-proof properties. While rear windshields can withstand gusty winds and inclement weather, they can still get damaged or cracked by pebbles, gravel, stones and flying rock beds.
  • Safety glass inspections are done with any front or back windshield. In fact, they must pass stringent requirements and criteria to be installed across a myriad of domestic or foreign vehicles.

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Rear Windshield Benefits And Features

Rear windshields come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Mainly, these units are designed to fit effectively onto the cars they are built for. As a result, no two windshields are ever the same when it comes to the automotive industry. Most rear windshields are also bonded to rear vehicle frames. This aspect offers optimal support for rigid structures while allowing air to circulate throughout your car properly.

Similarly, vehicle owners can customize these glass units to meet driver needs for loads, luggage, or personal belongings in the hatchback or back section, behind the seats. As always, some vehicles have rear windshield wipers to remove dust, dirt, grime, and debris. These wipers prevent obstacles from hindering rear view and visibility.

Where Do I Get My Back Windshield Replaced?

When it comes to repairing or replacing your windshields, there are some options available. However, your best choice is to find a reputable automotive glass repair expert in your area. These certified auto glass shops are the leading inspectors and installers that can correctly analyze and assess damages to both front and rear windshields.

These professionals then make recommendations on either repair or replacement. For repairs, they will restore the glass to its normal, safe and functional settings. For replacements, the auto glass specialist removes the entire rear windshield and replaces it with a new unit. This method is considered the best way to ensure optimal security for you and yours when you get back on the road.


Be sure to repair any auto glass damage immediately. Doing so will help keep you and your passengers safe when driving.

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