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Why Don’t Windshields Shatter?

Unfortunately, your windshield is one of the most vulnerable aspects of your car. Flying rocks and other debris can lead to chips, cracks, and other aesthetic and functional damages. Nothing is worse than bringing your car home, only to have one of these problems develop along the way. The good news is that you can always rest assured that your windshield will never merely shatter out. In fact, the windshield’s specific design prevents this event from ever happening. In this article, we will discuss why and the reason that this characteristic is so important for you.

The Evolution Of Windshields

old windshieldThe very first automobile windshields or windscreens were…

simple, single panes of glass. Their use was during the formative stages of automobile development when the typical car didn’t go very fast. High-speed, high-impact collisions were not much of a concern.

Autos evolved and improved as time went on. The improvements brought on faster driving speeds and dramatic increases in the risk of injury. However, these developments also necessitated the evolution in the use of auto glass. It was during the early 1900s, that the French scientist, Edouard Benedictus, discovers that laminated glass does not shatter upon impact. Some two decades later, the laminating process was fully refined and introduced into the auto manufacturing industry.

Modern Windshield Glass

The windshield glass that is currently in use in automobiles is “safety glass”.

Rather than being a single pane, it is now three, separate layers. The outer two layers of glass are curved and strengthened via a strategic heating and rapid cooling process. A polyvinyl butyral layer makes up the third layer. This third plastic inner layer lays between the curved pieces of glass and acts as a laminate. Thus, when the windshield cracks or has a chip, the broken pieces attach to this laminate. This way, the driver, and passengers are not in danger of having large, jagged shards of glass rain down on them after the car has been in an impact event.

Damaged Windshields Are Shatter-Proof But Not Without Danger

Bearing this in mind, you might think that minor, aesthetic damages to the windshield do not make a significant difference in the overall safety of your car. Surprisingly, however, although plastic and glass make the windshield, it still plays a significant role in determining the structural integrity of the vehicle frame.

Its function is especially crucial in a rollover event. If you get into a car accident that causes your vehicle to roll over, having a structurally sound windshield can prevent the roof from caving in. It, also, allows for the proper deployment of the airbags. Safety alone is an excellent reason to take your car in for windshield repairs or replacement services whenever rock chips and cracks have developed.

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Windshield Replacement Services Tamaqua PA

It is additionally vital to note that taking care of these problems early on is virtually limits both their magnitude and the relevant repair or replacement costs. That’s because every time you operate your car, you will be exposing the damaged windshield to extraordinary wind forces that cause these problems to spread. As such, timely treatment can mean the difference between needing a low-cost repair or a full-on windshield replacement.

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