Cool Car Tricks You Ought To Try Out

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Some minor issues don’t always require expert-level knowledge to solve. You can use simple tricks to keep your vehicle running safely wherever you go. A bit of creativity goes a long way when it comes to car care. Below are some cool car tricks that you can try for a variety of situations:

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Paint Windshield Cracks

Cracks and chips on the windshield are more common than you’d think. Falling debris, hail storms, and flying rocks can cause cracks and chips on your windshield. They can start small. However, all auto glass damage eventually worsens, growing into large cracks that block the view. It is essential to seek out an auto glass shop as soon as you notice that your car windshield is damaged. However, you can help prevent the cracks from spreading by painting over them using fingernail polish. This can act as a temporary, clear adhesive. This will hold the glass together until you can get to a professional windshield repair. However, don’t wait too long as this is only a temporary solution.

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Defrost Auto Glass

During winters, you might wake up to find your windshield covered in ice. This makes the car impossible to drive so you have to remove the ice before anything else. Scraping this off risks scratching the surface of the windshield. Pouring hot water may lead to windshield cracks due to the quick shift in extreme temperatures. For a better outcome, mix vinegar with water and spray the solution to the panel. You can also use this on your locks. Watch as the ice melts away quickly.

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Take A Parking Photo

Large parking lots often seem like a big maze that looks the same everywhere you turn. If you are not familiar with a place, then you can easily forget where you parked your car. This can happen a lot in grocery stores and concert venues. Avoid confusion and frustration by taking a photo of the parking spot before leaving. Include landmarks such as signs, building features, and nearby vehicles. This will serve as your reference when it’s time to go home.

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Use Passive Cooling

On a hot day, it’s best to park in a shaded area to keep the car cool. If the only open spots are unshaded, then you need to find ways to lower the temperature inside the vehicle. You could always turn on the air conditioning, but this would be slow and costly. A fast and free strategy is to roll down one window while opening and closing the door on the other side. You won’t have to waste gas and you’ll feel the cooling effect right away.

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Fix Dents

The precision-engineered curves of a car make it attractive and aerodynamic. Meanwhile, having dents on the body is unsightly. It can be annoying seeing your vehicle with this flaw. Aside from aesthetic, dents attract dirt and rust. If these are minor, then you might be able to fix them using a plunger. The suction can pull back the metal sheet into place. It’s as if the dents were never there.


Buff And Shine

Did you run out of wax? Don’t worry because you can always run to your bathroom and pick up your bottle of hair conditioner. This can also provide the car surface with a nice shine while preventing the formation of water streaks. You won’t have to dread driving in the rain. As for your headlights, you can use toothpaste on a soft cloth to buff them up and get them sparkling.

hair conditioner as car wax


Ensure Garage Safety

Backing up in your own garage may seem easy but a lot of people get into accidents doing this. Familiarity gives them a false sense of security. The truth is that they can overestimate the distance and bang against the wall. Their decision-making may also be hampered by sleepiness, alcohol, and fatigue. Hanging a ball from the ceiling to serve as a marker can work well in avoiding this problem.

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Use A Coffee Filter Cleaner

You can clean the interior of your car using a coffee filter from the kitchen. Dab a bit of olive oil or some other cleaning solution. This is a great way to keep the inside of your car looking fresh and brand new.

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