Do You Have A Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Checklist?

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Fleet vehicle downtime resulting from maintenance issues costs more than the part replacements, repairs, and service expenses. When you factor in the costs of missed jobs and the amount spent on unproductive drivers, the severe financial consequences of unscheduled downtime become more apparent. Fortunately, you can avoid unexpected maintenance issues by putting in place a structured inspection system with a comprehensive fleet vehicle maintenance checklist for your company vehicles. Preventive fleet vehicle maintenance costs way less than repairing vehicles that have broken down unexpectedly, say in the middle of a demanding job.

By tracking your fleet vehicles’ condition and performance regularly, you’ll be able to keep them in great shape for longer, decrease your long-term overhead costs as well as increase your employees’ safety. Here is how to make a vehicle maintenance checklist as well as establish an effective system of regularly assessing your fleet vehicles.

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Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Checklist: Steps To Take

Below, you will find a thorough checklist you can use to inspect your fleet vehicles.

Record The Vehicles’ Current Condition

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The first step is to ascertain and record your vehicles’ current condition. Once you’ve done the initial evaluation, you’ll have a better understanding of what you’re working with as well as a point from which you’ll start tracking changes. The initial evaluation should include the following:

  • The vehicle’s dealer or previous owners
  • Maintenance history
  • Parts that have already been replaced
  • Accidents, if any
  • Tire condition
  • Fluid levels
  • Mileage
  • A comprehensive report of the latest inspection

Establish Maintenance Schedule For Fleet Vehicles

Once you’ve recorded the baseline condition of the vehicles, you should come up with an inspection schedule. How often your vehicles will be inspected will likely hinge on the frequency of use, operating conditions as well as the type of automobile. Based on your business operations, you can set maintenance intervals according to mileage, time, or operating hours. For instance, the operations of a delivery firm may involve vans or trucks that do a lot of low-speed driving and idling. In this case, having a preventive maintenance schedule that’s hinged on engine hours may be much more sensible than a schedule that’s based on time or mileage.

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Create A Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Once you’ve established the maintenance schedule, your next step should be creating a checklist of the items that will be evaluated. When compiling the list, you should consider measures that protect your personnel, adhere to industry standards, and prevent breakdown as well as any other damage. Conversely, service firms like taxi companies likely do a lot of city driving. In this case, these vehicles may more require frequent evaluation of items like braking systems.

Here is a list of inspection items that you can use to make a maintenance checklist that’s tailored to your fleet vehicles:

Vehicle Glass And Windshield

fleet vehicle windshield repair

• Check for leaks, cracks, and chips and have them repaired immediately
• Replace old windshield wipers
• Refill windshield fluid

Should you find any damage on one of your fleet vehicles, be sure to call Liberty AutoGlass right away. Driving with a windshield crack or chip can lead to visibility, handling, and safety issues for drivers. Therefore, be sure to stay on top of your fleet vehicle’s condition to ensure the safety of your workforce.

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  • Assess the frame and undercarriage of the vehicle.
  • Check for any points of corrosion
  •  Evaluate the moving parts in your windows and doors
  • Ensure the mirrors are securely in place
  • Assess all exterior lights


image of fleet vehicle repair

  • Change filters and oil
  • Evaluate the fuel and cooling systems
  • Evaluate the belts and hoses
  • Check for fluid leaks


  •  Evaluate brake pad wear. If need be, change the rotors and brake pads.
  • Assess the SV joints and driveshafts


  • Change or refill the fluid
  • Assess the transmission mount

Wheel And Tires

mechanic changing a wheel of a commercial vehicle

  • Assess the state of your tires (check the tread depth, rims, and wheels)
  • If necessary change tires seasonally


  • Ensure the interior lights are in working condition
  • Assess the state of the seats as well as seat belts
  • Assess the condition of vehicle comfort systems like air conditioning, defrost, and heating
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Other Points Of Inspection

  • Electrical system components
  • Suspension and steering system, including fluids
  • Horn
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Exhaust system

Regular Assessment Of Fleet Vehicles By Drivers

image of a commercial vehicle driver

While you should establish a preventive maintenance schedule, your drivers likely know the condition of the vehicles best. A driver may notice a problem that’s not addressed by your maintenance schedule. Therefore ensure your drivers have an accessible and easy way of reporting even the slightest issues. Besides, ask your drivers to report on the following:

  • Warning lights that signal problems
  • The condition of breaks, wipers, and mirrors
  • Tire pressure and tire wear
  • Periods of difficult working conditions, increased mileage, or heavy use
  • Driving performance, braking, and steering
  • Any unusual vibrations, noises, or vibrations
  • Any glass damage

All your drivers should be aware of how to spot issues and report them promptly. Your Fleet Maintenance Checklist should be reviewed by every employee who uses your fleet vehicles.



Once you’ve put in place an effective way of assessing the condition of your vehicles, your repair technicians will then have all the information they require to keep your vehicles running and limit unscheduled downtime. If you have any issues with the glass in your fleet vehicles, contact our experts at Liberty AutoGlass, Lehighton PA, for fast service.

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