Windshield Care During The Summer

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One of the best ways that you can care for your car and yourself is by driving safely. There are many factors that go into road safety. However, one of the most critical aspects of being safe is to ensure that your windshield is in excellent condition. 

Not only is your windshield a primary safety feature of your vehicle, but it also gives you a clear view of the road so that you can see what is in front of you. Therefore, you need to have a windshield that doesn’t have any chips or cracks in it.

We do a lot of driving in the summer. Play it safe by repairing or replacing your windshield if it has any damage on it. When you need auto glass services, such as a windshield repair or a windshield replacement, call Liberty AutoGlass. The experienced and licensed technicians that we have on staff offer professional and affordable auto glass services. When using our services, you can expect us to use the best materials while prioritizing your safety. We service Kutztown PA and the surrounding areas. Call today to schedule an appointment.

In this article, we discuss some useful tips on how to keep your windshield in good condition over the course of the summer.

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Caring For Your Windshield During The Summer

windshield repair service in kutztown paEven tiny cracks and chips on a windshield can spread, resulting in visibility issues for motorists. In addition, such damage can harm your windshield’s structural integrity. For this reason, you should work with an experienced auto glass company to repair even small windshield damage on your car and avoid more complicated problems in the future. It is also wise to follow the tips outlined below to prevent windshield chips and cracks from occurring whenever possible.

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Maintain A Safe Distance From Other Vehicles

The debris, rocks and other items that may be thrown up by cars and trucks can severely damage your windshield and car windows. Therefore, staying back from other motor vehicles, particularly large vehicles, is a great way to provide your windshield with an extra measure of protection when you are traveling.

Be Gentle With Your Automobile

Although it may not seem like it has anything to do with your auto glass, slamming the doors of your truck, car or SUV can cause an unnecessary impact. Subsequently, it can create a significant amount of stress on your windshield and windows. For this reason, take a bit of extra time when getting in or out of your car and close all doors and the trunk gently.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

To prevent discoloration, scratches and other damage, only use manufacturer-approved cleaning formulas on your automobile glass. Water and vinegar or specifically designed products are the only formulas guaranteed to ensure the best possible results without damaging your vehicle or its glass in the process.

Beware Of Extreme Temperature Changes

Rapid temperature changes often lead to the formation cracks in your auto glass that can affect your vehicle’s structural stability and reduce visibility when you are driving. For this reason, it is wise to allow some fresh air into your car while cooling it down with the air conditioner, particularly if you have a damaged windshield. This way, the temperature change will occur gradually, rather than all at once, the latter of which often results in damage.

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Maintain Your Windshield Wipers

windshield wipersProper care and appropriate replacement of your car’s windshield wipers can prevent damage caused by malfunctioning wiper blades. Additionally, you will also see better during inclement weather when new wipers are installed.

Wash Your Vehicle When It Is Cool

If your automobile was parked in the blazing sun and has heated up, do not immediately run cold water from your garden hose on the vehicle, as this may cause chips and cracks to spread on the windshield. Instead, wait to wash your car until after sunset or park it in the shade for a few hours before you begin.

It is also wise to refrain from parking your car in direct sunlight in general, as the pressure from the heat inside can expand small chips and cracks.

Protect Your Windshield

Finally, to ensure your auto glass is kept in the best possible shape, you should repair windshield chips immediately. Always contact a reputable and experienced auto glass establishment to complete the work and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car is in the hands of professionals.

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