Winter Car Tips: How To Protect Your Car Without A Garage This Winter

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The winter is harsh on everyone and everything. Adaptation is the key to survival when the temperatures drop to freezing, and the snow blankets everything in sight. People start to wear multiple layers of clothing. Trees shed their leaves, and birds migrate to warmer places. As for cars, staying inside a garage when not in use is the ideal scenario. The problem is that not all owners have a garage for storage. This leaves their cars vulnerable to the cold. Thankfully, there are winter car tips to get around this situation.

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Protecting Your Car This Winter When You Don’t Have A Garage

Below are some strategies that you can use to protect your car without a garage this winter.

How To Take Care Of Your Auto Glass

When defrosting your car this wintry season, be sure to turn your defroster on low. Sudden temperature changes can cause your windshield to crack. Also, turn on your defroster and then remove the ice and snow from your windshield. Try removing the ice and snow only after the defroster has been on for a few minutes. Gently brush and scrape from left to right as this motion mimics the path of your windshield. If a lot of ice forms on your windshield, avoid removing it with a lot of force. Doing so can damage it. If you need to use an ice scraper, then be sure you have one that is designed for this task. Once again, only use it after the defroster has been on. Lastly, when parking your car, keep your wipers up. This will prevent your wipers from freezing and possibly damaging your windshield.

Avoid Hazardous Parking Spots

Since you can’t park inside a garage, you would have to find suitable alternatives. Just remember to avoid hazardous parking spots as they can cause damage to your vehicle. For example, some might be tempted to place their unit under a tree, thinking that this will protect it from the snow. However, the snow and ice can actually weigh the tree down and cause it to fall on the car. Heavy snow can also build up and drop in one go. Massive snowfall can get your car stuck as well. Always bring a shovel just in case you have to dig.

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Shield The Glass From The Elements

The windshield protects you from the wind. During winter, it’s time that you protect it from danger. Get a windshield snow cover and place it on the glass if you need to leave it for a long while. This will prevent ice from building up on the surface. It will also prevent cracks and scrapes in case snow falls hard on the surface. You can also use your wiper blades to remove frost from the windshield, but regular ones may not always work well under severe conditions. Consider the installation of a heated wiper blade for fast action and a clear vision of what’s ahead.

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Cover The Whole Car

Indeed, why not stop at the glass when you can cover the whole car? These types of covers are not that expensive, so you should be able to pick one up quickly. You can also ask friends if they have a spare. This should be snow-specific for maximum protection. You need something that has a high water resistance rating. A custom-fit cover works best since it can fit your car like a glove. The underside should be soft enough to prevent paint damage. If you are particularly concerned for the engine, then get a grille cover as well. It will prevent cold air from going inside the hood.

Look After The Tires

The tires will need to work hard throughout the winter. They will need to face the extreme cold every day while driving across salted roads. The beating can take its toll. Make sure that you change tires from regular ones to snow tires. These are better suited for the freezing conditions. You should also think about wrapping these tires in snow chains. If your car is constantly slipping and sliding in the streets, then you are courting an accident. These chains can be the remedy that you are looking for. Find ones that are suited for your specific tire size.

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Get A Portable Power Station

Car batteries are known to act up in winter because of their sensitivity to cold temperatures. Their internal chemistry shuts down such that they can’t hold a charge well. There are two ways around this problem. One is to bring a spare battery at all times. The other is to use a portable power station to initiate the jumping process.


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