The Role of Windshields in Car Safety

April 10, 2023
image of car accident depicting how a windshield keeps you safe

When an accident occurs, we expect our cars to do more. Luckily, the windshield is a barrier for safety, separating the occupants inside the vehicle from the impact on the outside. There are specific purposes a windshield offers to keep you safe on the road that you may not realize.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Car Windshield Repair

March 27, 2023
image of the word do's and don'ts depicting windshield repair service tips

If you have a crack or chip on your windshield, take care of it as soon as possible. Windshield damage compromises your safety on the road. Thanks to modern technology, car window repair and replacement procedures can be carried out with the help of experienced technicians. This article discusses windshield repair service tips to follow.

Dealing With Squeaky Windshield Wipers?

March 13, 2023
driving in the rain depicting squeaky windshield wipers

During a rainstorm, you can activate the windshield wipers to get a clear view of the road. This simple yet effective mechanism keeps you safe. But wait, do you hear the wipers squeak across the glass? This article discusses seven reasons for squeaky wipers and what to do to eliminate the unwelcome sound.

Car Window Stuck Again? Here’s What You Can Do

February 27, 2023
image of car window controls depicting a car window that is stuck

Dealing with a stuck car window? It is a frustrating problem with multiple solutions, depending on the cause. The best thing you can do is calm down and go through the basic remedies for this situation. Read this article to explore some causes and solutions for a car window that won’t budge.

7 Winter-Related Problems That Could Damage Your Windshield

February 13, 2023
image of the word winter on windshield depicting winter windshield damage

Ice and snow can cause winter windshield damage if you’re not careful. If possible, keep the car in a garage to keep it safe and dry. If you don’t have access, learn how to deal with the situation properly. This article shares seven winter-related problems that could damage your windshield and their corresponding solutions.