Beat the Heat: Tips to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

image of a woman suffering from heat in car depicting how to keep car cool in the summer

The summer months seem delightful, but the heat can be brutal, and no one wants to drive around in a vehicle that feels like an oven. Hot cars are not only uncomfortable, but they are also dangerous. However, there are products you can buy and actions you can take to beat the heat and keep your car cooler during the hottest months of the year. Keep reading to explore how to keep your car cool in the summer.

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Best Tips On How To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer Weather

Below, we share some effective tips on how to keep your car cool when the weather heats up.

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Repair Your Chipped Or Cracked Windshield

image of an autoglass technician repairing a windshield chip

You would be surprised at how fast a chip or crack in your windshield can turn into a major visibility problem. By driving around even with the smallest of cracks or chips, you are compromising one of the key safety features of your car. It is best to get them repaired or replaced right away by an auto glass expert before it becomes a serious issue. Furthermore, the heat from the sun greatly impacts any damage that you may have on your windshield, making any chips or cracks spread faster than they would have otherwise. Be sure to address any damage right away.

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Park in a Garage or Carport

The easiest way to avoid the heat is to park your car under anything, such as a carport or garage. This means that you may have to declutter your home’s garage, but it also hints to take advantage of parking garages, if available. Remaining in the shade will keep the brunt of the heat out of your vehicle. If this seems counterproductive because your garage feels stifling, consider that the materials that make up your vehicle often absorb heat from direct sunlight. Getting away from the rays means the car will have less heat to hold onto.

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Look for Shade

image of car parked under tree for shade

If you’re out and about but cannot find a parking garage, opt for a space in the shade. If there are no spots in the shade of a building or other large object, then look for a tree to park under, even if some sunlight continues to stream through. Any location that minimizes the amount of direct sunlight will help your vehicle to remain cooler than it would be if you parked in the sun.

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Cover the Dash

The dashboard is one of the first things to feel the heat on a hot day, and it also gets hotter than most other things in a vehicle. Covering your dash can minimize the warmth you feel when you get in your car. Use anything made of fabric to lay over the dashboard. In addition to keeping the interior cool, it will also protect the vinyl.

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Utilize Visors

image of car owner using car visor to keep car cool

All vehicles have visors, so why not take advantage of them? Make a habit of flipping them down when you leave your car. It may not make a huge impact, but every little bit helps.

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Buy a Sun Shade or Windshield Shader

A sunshade or windshield shader is a worthy investment if you regularly park in the sun. Most of the heat absorbed by your interior comes through the windshield, so anything you can do to block these rays is beneficial. Great sunshades help to absorb or deflect the heat rather than allowing it in. It also covers more of the window than visors can.

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Get Shades or Curtain for Other Windows

The windshield may allow the most heat in, but the other windows in your vehicle still contribute to some. Hanging shades or curtains on every window will keep the most heat outside.

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Cover the Steering Wheel

Anything you can cover will make a difference in temperature, so put a towel or anything made of fabric over your steering wheel. Covering the steering wheel also protects the material and prevents you from burning your hands.

Crack Windows

If you use your air conditioner, you may resist putting windows down. However, when the air conditioner is not running, it will help to crack all the windows. Glass holds heat in, and heat rises. Opening your windows allows air to flow through the car while giving the heat somewhere to escape.

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Cover Your Seats

Leather and vinyl seats love to soak up the sun, which wears down the material and causes your car’s internal temperature to rise. Using seat covers or putting a blanket or sheet over the seats will stop this from happening.

Air It Out

When you need to go somewhere, plan to leave a few minutes early and spend that time airing out the vehicle. Open all the doors and let the heat escape before you get on the road.

Get a Solar-Powered Fan

Solar-powered fans are brilliant products that remove hot air in cars and lower the internal temperature by circulating air. Most fans attach to the top of a window and come equipped with a solar panel pointed at the sky. Once the sun hits the solar panel, the fan kicks on.

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Buy Cooling Cushions for Seats

Invest in seat-cooling cushions, which relieve body stress from driving while simultaneously cooling you down. As a bonus, you can take them inside and use them at home or work.

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Check Out Conditioning Products

Depending on the materials in your vehicle, there may be products specifically designed to protect them. For example, leather and vinyl components benefit from protectants that help to keep them intact despite the raging sun, while some gloss products protect surfaces and offer glare reduction.

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Tint Your Windows

Although initial installation can be a hassle, the benefits of tinted windows over time may be worth the headache. This addition will not significantly impact the vehicle’s internal temperature, but it makes a slight difference.

Put the Air Conditioner to Work

hvac and auto glass

If the heat is unbearable, get your air conditioner going before you start to drive. When it feels like it is no longer cooling down fast enough, make an appointment to get the system serviced. It could be low on coolant or have a leak, among other problems.

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Final Thoughts

Anything you can do to help your vehicle stay cool is a worthwhile task. Even things that seem unlikely to help the interior, such as hosing off the car, can help stave off some heat that beats down on it while it sits. Make it a routine to perform these tricks and spend more time enjoying the summer instead of trying to get through it.

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One of the key components to enjoying your summer is keeping safe and cool. This includes driving around in your car. By following the above tips, you can certainly be a little safer while feeling comfortable in your vehicle. These tips also outline some preventative measures so that your auto glass can do the job that it’s supposed to. Be sure to repair any auto glass that has been compromised by a chip or crack. 

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