7 Tips For Making Your Windshield Replacement Last For As Long As Possible

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You can’t drive a car with a cracked windshield. It’s not legal, and it’s not safe. If you want to stay out of trouble, head to an auto glass shop and get a windshield replacement. It won’t be cheap, but it can save your life. It can also save you money by avoiding traffic tickets. Furthermore, many insurance policies include a windshield replacement as part of the plan, meaning you will only have to pay a small deductible. Once you have a new panel, take good care of it. Make it last to avoid further hassles. Below are some of the best windshield replacement tips to keep it clean and pristine:

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How To Make Your Windshield Replacement Last

Keep reading to learn some practical windshield replacement aftercare tips:

1. Follow The Post-Windshield Replacement Protocol

The first 48 hours are critical. Keep in mind that the adhesive takes time to cure. Provide the optimal environment while this is in progress. Be gentle while you drive. Ideally, the car should sit still an hour or so after the service. Open a window slightly to ensure that the temperature is equal between the interior and exterior. Leave the retention tape until the next day. While driving away, pick smooth roads and go as slow as possible. Speed bumps and potholes will create too much vibration. When closing the car doors, use moderate force.

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2. Park in a Safe Place

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Maintain good habits even after the critical period. Park in a safe place, away from falling debris and projectiles in motion. Avoid areas where children play because small balls can cause massive damage. The area under trees may seem like a great spot, but consider the possibility of falling fruits, branches, or bird droppings. It is better to look for spots in office garages or carports. A roof overhead will protect it from many dangers, including hail and random objects. Don’t let your guard down because it only takes a single unfortunate incident to send you back to the auto glass shop.

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3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures after a Windshield Replacement

Do not leave your car exposed to the elements for extended periods. It is bad not just for the glass but also for the rest of the components. Extreme heat from prolonged sunlight exposure will make the windshield expand. If you crank up the air conditioner once you return, the cold interior will make the glass contract quickly. Windshield cracks may begin to appear because of the pressure. The same thing can happen in reverse during winter with exposure to the cold air. Place the car in a garage where you control the environment.

4. Keep Your Distance

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When driving, it can be tempting to stick close to the car directly in front of you. Maybe you are in a hurry. Perhaps you want to get a good position before taking a turn. However, it is risky behavior that often leads to unintended collisions. You need ample distance to observe the vehicle and react accordingly. The other car might stop without warning. If you are too close, you may not hit the brakes in time. Your front bumper will get dents, and your windshield will sustain cracks. Avoid these headaches by erring on the side of caution.

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5. Replace Your Windshield Wipers

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Windshield wipers will remove dust and dirt from the glass on command. They help you see the road even in the rain and snow. These reliable cleaning tools will serve you whenever you need them. However, the wiper blades can wear out after a while. When they do, you might find scratches on the glass. These will reduce visibility and create an eyesore. They may even compromise the structural integrity of the panel. Make it a habit to replace the windshield wipers every six months or so. If you find yourself using them a lot, increase the frequency of replacement. You can check the condition of the blades to determine whether it’s time to make a change.

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6. Drive Slowly in Low Visibility

Be mindful of your surroundings. Things can change quickly while you are on the roads. A bright sunny day can turn into a dark and stormy afternoon. A route can take you from an urban highway to a narrow offroad track. Heavy snow can make it hard to see directly what’s in front of you. When you find yourself in an environment with poor visibility, drive slowly and pick your lines carefully. Otherwise, you might run into an unexpected obstacle that may crack your windshield or worse. If it gets really bad, park your car and wait until conditions improve.

7. Get Windshield Repairs Immediately

Of course, even the most careful motorist cannot avoid all car troubles. Some are out of our control. Other people and the environment can influence our vehicles in unexpected ways. However, you can still ensure a quick resolution to all these problems. If you see chips or cracks in the glass, go to an auto glass shop for repairs immediately. Specialists may save your panel if you come in early. Do not wait for the problem to get bigger before taking action because a late response could mean another expensive windshield replacement. Being proactive is the best way to go.

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Car owners with comprehensive insurance can often have their windshields replaced without worries. The company can cover the cost. On the other hand, those without insurance coverage must pay for the expensive procedure out of pocket. It is worth every cent. Safety and comfort are priceless. Make it an even better deal by learning from past mistakes and preventing future damage. Use the tips above to prolong the life of your replacement windshield. If you need any help, call a local auto glass shop for information and assistance.

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