Semi Truck Windshield Care Tips

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Don’t ignore windshield damage. It is a safety hazard that may cause tragedies on the road. This is particularly important for semi-trucks as they can create greater havoc than small cars due to sheer size. Commercial vehicles are also held to a higher standard. If highway patrol sees the cracks or any windshield damage, then a semi-truck might be asked to pull over for a roadside inspection. This can set off costly delays in the schedule. If you have a big rig, then you need to take care of the windshield as best you can. Fortunately, there are plenty of semi-truck windshield care tips that you can follow.

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Big Rig Windshield Care Tips

Consider the following tips:

1. Avoid Following Other Semi Trucks

It is generally a good practice to avoid other big rigs on the road. On highways of poor quality, there are plenty of rocks and pebbles on the ground. Tires can kick up and throw them behind at high speeds. The vehicle that is driving closely behind will have to endure a direct barrage of projectiles. Sometimes there is no choice but to drive behind these trucks due to limited lanes or other issues. Other semi-truck drivers can simply stay at a safe distance so that flying rocks won’t reach their front glass.

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2. Park Your Big Rig In Safe Areas

Another thing to remember is to park in safe spots. Check the surroundings before deciding where to stay. Look up for any debris that may fall down. For example, trees may offer shade, but they also have hard fruits and branches that can fall down. If your 18 wheeler is located underneath, then the impact may produce cracks on the glass. Other natural hazards such as snow and hail, must be considered as well. Park in a well-lit area and away from possible vandals. Be selective, even if it takes time. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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3. Fix Minor Commercial Truck Windshield Damage Right Away

If you do see chips and cracks on your big rig windshield, then you must act as soon as possible. These will only get worse with time. A small crack is easy to fix but a big one might be too far gone. A full semi-truck windshield replacement will have to be performed to ensure the structural integrity of the glass. Its ability to protect the occupants on the road will not be compromised. Commercial vehicle insurance also has high standards when it comes to the overall shape. These might be violated if windshield damage is allowed to persist. Commence a big rig windshield repair right away.

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4. Keep The 18-Wheeler Windshield Free Of Debris

The windshield will naturally attract dirt, dust, and debris. After all, it has a large surface area and a forward-facing location. While driving, foreign objects can get to the glass and block the view. Having dependable windshield wipers is crucial. They must be activated to keep the windshield clean at all times. A semi-truck must also have a windshield washing system that employs fluid to comply with the regulations. This should be able to soften and wash away stubborn dirt. Maintain this level of cleanliness for a better driving experience.

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5. Be Mindful Of Semi-Truck Windshield Discoloration

Anything that alters the perception of the road conditions can be a hazard. This includes semi-truck windshield discoloration. The area just in front of the driver is particularly critical. A semi-truck can have color or tint on the windshields and the side windows near the driver. However, the parallel light transmittance through the treated glazing must be 70% or more of normal light. There is no such transmittance restriction when it comes to the other windows of the semi-truck since those will not affect driving performance.

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Save time, lower costs, and improve safety by implementing these big rig windshield care tips.

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