How To Find Windshield Leaks

image of a car in rain depicting a windshield leak

Motorists should never have to worry about driving in the rain. After all, their cars are sealed to protect the interiors from moisture. They should stay dry inside for as long as all the doors and windows are closed. If you see traces of water in the vehicle after going through a carwash or a rainstorm, then something isn’t right. You need to investigate whether there is windshield leakage in the car, and figure out the exact spot that is causing the problem. Only then can you move toward an appropriate auto glass solution. It is important to note that windshield leaks should be taken seriously and addressed right away with the help of an auto glass technician. Residents in Lehighton PA and the neighboring area can call Liberty AutoGlass to schedule an appointment.

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Why You Need to Look for Windshield Leaks

Some problems are easy to see. If cracks and chips appear in the middle of a windshield, then you can quickly inspect them for signs of moisture. However, faulty seals are harder to find because they are hidden along the edges. You will need to go out of your way to check whether the rubber or the adhesive around the windshield has started to deteriorate. You must also consider the possibility of a bad windshield installation if you have just replaced your auto glass. If you don’t take action, then the problem will only get worse with time.

Common Signs of a Windshield Leak

image of a driver plugging nose due to bad odor from car window leakage

Take windshield leaks seriously. It may seem like a trivial issue, but it can turn into a big headache if you let it linger. A few droplets can turn into a consistent stream. Water can make its way into your dashboard and damage the electronics. It can drop down onto the carpet and get it soaking wet. After a while, you might notice discoloration around the interiors. A persistent musty smell will permeate the car and make it unpleasant to stay inside for long periods. The windows may even get foggy from the inside, creating unsafe conditions for driving. Bad odors are common due to the mold and mildew that tends to grow around moist areas, making your car a health hazard. Metal parts may slowly succumb to rust.

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Easy Tests to Confirm Windshield Leakage

The front glass panel should offer solid protection against the elements. It cannot do its job properly if there is a leak. Find the cause of the problem and call an auto glass specialist for repairs for your peace of mind. If you aren’t certain whether the leak is coming from the windshield, then use the following tests for confirmation:

1. The Soapy Water Test

Get a bucket of water and mix some soap with it. While outside the car, pour the contents over the windshield’s trim. Go inside the vehicle after this and spray the trim using an air nozzle. The air from the interior should trigger bubbles to form on the exterior side because of the soapy water. Check where these bubbles emerge because that is where your leak is located. If you don’t see any bubbles, then you may try the hose test just to verify your findings and close the case.

2. The Hose Test

image of a person spraying car checking for windshield leak after replacement

This test requires the presence of at least two people. You also need to get a spray hose and aim it on the windshield as you stand outside the vehicle. Another person should sit inside the car as an observer. He or she must watch out for water coming in from the windshield or its edges. Spray water continuously while the leak is being hunted down. Just keep in mind that a leaky panel may create a mess inside the vehicle. Prepare for possible water damage by soaking up moisture with a rag or taking other precautions. Go to an auto glass expert for a permanent solution. If no leaks emerge from the windshield after these two tests, then the problem area might be somewhere else.

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Additional Leak Sources in a Vehicle

Start investigating other parts of car that are susceptible to moisture. Go through the following one by one until you catch the culprit.

1. The Sunroof

image of sunroof that has a broken seal


If your car has a sunroof, then it is the next logical place to check. Its position at the top of the vehicle means that it is particularly vulnerable to rain and snow. If the seal around it is damaged, then water can eventually move inside and create a mess. You might even want to do some research around your vehicle model because some are known to have faulty sunroof seals. You can also consult the manufacturer’s online resources for tips on finding leaks around this area and what you can do in case you found one.

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2. The Door Seals

Next up are the door seals. Ideally, these should create a watertight seal once you have closed the doors properly. However, the seals could get worn and torn over time. See if the seals have moisture on them after driving through rain. The good news is that these door seals are easy to replace. You can purchase new parts online or at your local auto parts store. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, then head over to an auto body shop for professional service.

3. The Air Conditioner

air conditioner use in car during summer

Lastly, you will want to check your car’s air conditioner to see if it is leaking water. It is a common occurrence even in homes that are using an AC. The cold coils in the unit trigger the condensation of surrounding vapor. There is a mechanism to control the expected moisture, but clogs may prevent water from moving out of the vehicle. It could overflow into the interior instead, causing moisture problems. Take the car to a professional for AC maintenance to remove the clog and enjoy dry interiors.

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Windshield leaks may seem harmless, but they can cause electrical damage, parts corrosion, and health problems. Don’t neglect the signs and symptoms. Take immediate action such as performing the simple confirmatory tests described above. Consult an experienced auto glass company for professional car window repairs so you can drive in the rain with confidence.

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