Why You Should Choose An Auto Glass Specialist Instead Of A Car Dealer For Your Windshield Repair

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When cars break down, owners can choose among several options for automobile repairs. New cars can be taken to dealerships, although not everyone takes this path. For example, a windshield replacement by a dealer is no better than the service provided by an auto glass specialist.

The right choice may not be readily apparent when it comes to fixing car problems. Most owners don’t have the luxury of time to think about the details of the troubleshooting process, but they do expect the whole thing to go smoothly. This aspect is true for every type of issue, including windshield repair.

People can pick between the dealership and a car glass specialist for new installations. These will have comparable services. However, there are some differences that every car owner should know about.

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Choosing An Auto Glass Specialist Vs. A Car Dealer For Your Windshield Repair Alburtis PA

Read on if you would like to know more about the significant differences and the key factors to consider when making the decision.

Car Dealers & Windshield Repair

Dealerships may be able to provide replacements for broken windshields and windows. Their close ties with the vehicle manufacturers allow them to get OEM glass with ease.

Car Glass Specialists & Windshield Repair

auto glass repairAuto glass companies are experts in this category. They are able to provide multiple related services including the repair of cracks, the replacement of windows, and the installation of pristine windshields. Auto glass specialists generally perform these jobs in a shop, but they can also go out to the client for convenient mobile repairs and replacements.

Which Should You Pick For Your Windshield Replacement Or Repair?

While these two options offer similar services, there are a few key differences which are worth noting. Consider these differences before you pick up your phone to schedule a service. A quick look will show that car glass specialists tend to be more beneficial if the priorities are convenient mobile servicing and affordable rates. On the other hand, dealerships and glass shops provide similar values when it comes to insurance coverage, windshield quality, and compatibility with advanced vehicle technologies.

Windshield Repair Cost: Who Charges More?

One of the first things that people ask is the current cost of windshield repair or replacement. This is a valid question as owners have to make sure that they can fit it in their budgets. According to market studies, dealers will often charge up to $300 higher than glass specialists. This estimate holds for any type of car and automobile manufacturer.

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The Reasoning Behind The Premium Cost Of Dealership Service

Dealerships are focused on selling cars while glass specialists concentrate on auto glass repairs and replacements. Many dealers will sub-contract replacement jobs to auto glass shops. The extra charges become the profits that they make from this setup.

Auto Glass Shop Vs. Dealership: Type Of Glass Used 

Another source of the price difference can be traced to the type of glass being used. Dealers get replacement windshields from the original equipment manufacturers or OEMs. This ensures perfect compatibility but they would need to pay more for the items. Many will argue that this is not necessary since third-party glass will work as well as those made by the OEM.

Car glass shops are much more flexible as they can install OEM or aftermarket glass, depending on the wishes of their customers. They will explain the pros and cons so that people can make informed choices. If they value original parts and are willing to pay for them, then OEM glass can be ordered. If they don’t mind third-party products and are on a tight budget, then they can go the other way. Note that the quality standards for this auto glass are the same no matter where they came from.

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Compatibility & ADAS Systems

Car makers will often encourage their customers to use OEM windshields to prevent any issues with the use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). If you are concerned about this, then discuss the matter with your chosen service provider. They should make sure that all systems will work as normal after the replacement.

At Liberty AutoGlass, we have the knowledge and technology to recalibrate your windshield after a repair or replacement. By working with us, you can pay a lower price for your auto glass services while ensuring that your ADAS system is working correctly.


Insurance Coverage For Your Auto Glass Services

Check the terms of your insurance plan. Some policies explicitly state that OEM glass should be used for windshield replacement. If this is so, then it would be prudent to arrange this type of service. If there are no such restrictions, then you are free to choose according to your priorities. OEM glass can be installed by both glass shops and dealerships. They will make sure that the terms of your insurance policy are respected.

Just keep in mind that car owners can pick their preferred service provider in all cases. Whether they need windshield repairs or replacements, the choice is solely theirs to make. They can choose companies that are accredited by their insurance provider or not.

Liberty AutoGlass works with most insurance providers. We handle your insurance claim from start to finish. Be sure to give us a call to find out more.

Auto Glass Shops Offer Convenience

Among the biggest benefits of opting for auto glass repair shops are that they can provide emergency services and conduct mobile repairs. They can save a lot of time while reducing stress. This level of convenience is enough for some to make a decisive choice.

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The best way to deal with auto glass damage is to take immediate action. Quick repairs help ensure that you and the passengers will stay safe on the roads. Consider Liberty AutoGlass if you are looking for a dependable auto glass shop. Our team can provide windshield repairs and replacements with excellent results. We also work with all major insurance companies and can handle your claim from start to finish.

The shop is composed of certified technicians with the skills and experience to deal with any related problems. You can expect honest assessments, reasonable rates, and exceptional services. Call Liberty AutoGlass to schedule a free estimate today.

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