Repair Your Windshield Now Before The Cold Weather Takes A Toll On It

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Driving around with a cracked windshield is not safe any time of the year. However, there are more risks in the winter, when the weather is wetter and days are shorter. Getting your windshield repaired now will help you drive safely during the cold season. Therefore, be sure to schedule windshield repair before the cold weather strikes.

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Repair Your Windshield Now Before The Winter Takes A Toll On It

In this article, we discuss why it is important to take action immediately when you have a crack or chip on your windshield.

Your Windshield Is Very Important

The windshield is a vital element of safety. It provides up to a third of the vehicle’s structural strength. The front and rear windshields play a crucial role in rollover accidents. They add some stability to the roof to prevent it from collapsing. The glass also performs other important tasks which include:

  • Ensuring airbags deploy properly in emergency situations
  • Preventing the driver from getting hurled out of a rolling vehicle
  • Keeping wind and aerial particles from getting into the car’s interior

As such, any chips, cracks, or other kinds of damage to the glass should be taken very seriously. But why is winter dangerous for faulty windshields?

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Cold Weather Can Make A Windshield Crack Worse

Glass is highly affected by changes in temperature. When the weather is cold, the windshield becomes more concave. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on any existing windshield damage. Chips and cracks are likely to spread horizontally. And once the temperature drops below 14 degrees Fahrenheit, the likelihood of further damage is vastly increased.

Frequent temperature changes from cold to hot can, by themselves, cause damage to a vehicle’s windshield. This often happens when one uses the defroster to blast hot air into the car’s interior. Furthermore, using a scraper or de-icer to clear the windshield could also cause chips and cracks to spread.

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Don’t Wait To Repair Your Windshield

image of a car driving in winter weather

You can now see why it’s important to fix your windshield before winter, no matter how small the crack is. Waiting until the damage is so bad that you’re forced to replace your windshield isn’t a good idea. Besides putting you at a risk of a citation, the faulty glass will also compromise your safety. If the windshield gets completely destroyed, you’ll have to pay the full replacement cost. And this is undoubtedly more expensive compared to the cost of repairs.

So don’t wait. Arrange to have your windshield fixed as soon as you spot any cracks or chips. Most shops can repair glass if the damage isn’t too deep. Some auto glass repair specialists could however be able to repair cracks up to 10 inches long, depending on the severity and location. There are also mobile windshield repair technicians who could come to your aid at your home, school, or work.

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Take Precautions To Prevent Windshield Damage

Hot water should never be used to defrost auto glass. Use the defroster instead. Still, be careful not to set it too high; let the glass warm up slowly so that it isn’t shocked by the temperature difference. Also, ensure that your wiper blades are capable of smoothly brushing away ice and snow.



A secure windshield will help ensure the safety, visibility, and the structural integrity of your car. If you notice any damage starting to develop on the glass, call a professional auto glass repair shop to get it fixed. The technicians will be able to assess the damage and determine what solution will be most appropriate.

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