Updated: November 2, 2020
driving in the summertime

Summer is a great time to drive around, especially towards beautiful destinations that are at their peak during the season. However, there are a few things that motorists should be careful about while they are on the road. One of them is the emergence of windshield chips and cracks. This may be due to a pebble or some other random object hitting the auto glass.

It’s easy to dismiss this if the damage is minimal but the emergence of a weak point should not be taken lightly. Henceforth, any form of pressure on the glass can gradually worsen the crack. Furthermore, heat and cracked glass do not work well together. In these cases, it is best to find windshield replacement services to prevent it from further cracking and compensating the safety of the passengers inside of your vehicle.

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Summertime Auto Glass Repairs: Do Hot Temperatures Matter?

Below, we discuss some important auto glass tips to keep in mind during the summer season.

The Pressure Due To Heat

Motorists don’t just have to watch out for tangible projectiles that may be hitting the car again. Some forms of pressure come from invisible forces such as heat. Hot air will blow continuously into the front of the vehicle as it moves along the roads. Heat is known to make materials expand. This applies even to solids and the auto glass is not immune to the effect. On the other hand, the interior of the car is kept cool by the air conditioner which makes this side shrink slightly. This push and pull can lead to a widening of the cracks.

Prevent Further Damage

parking in the shade to prevent windshield damage

There are a few things that car owners can do to prevent heat from damaging their unit even further. First, they should not park in an area that is exposed to the sun. It is better to look around for shade even if it takes a while longer to find a parking slot. Second, they should leave about half an inch of gap above the car windows to promote air circulation. This will keep the interiors from overheating while they are gone. Third, they should refrain from slamming the doors when closing them. Any force absorbed by the vehicle will get dispersed and reach the crack.

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Act Quickly To Save On Cost

image of a windshield chip

Auto glass repairs should be conducted at the soonest possible time to control the situation. Otherwise, the crack can eventually spread all over the windshield to the point where only a full replacement can fix things. Replacements are much more expensive than minor repairs. Acting quickly will save valuable resources that are better used elsewhere. Search for auto glass repair shops in your area and compare their offerings. See which ones are within your budget. However, do not base your decision solely on the lower price. Ask around for feedback on the quality of their workmanship.

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Proper Summertime Auto Glass Repair Procedures

The high temperatures during summer make a big difference when it comes to auto glass repairs. For instance, technicians cannot proceed unless the glass has cooled down sufficiently. They will try to touch it to get a feel for the temperature and are likely to bring a digital thermometer just to make sure they get a proper reading. Brute force is not advisable when cooling the glass as this might only aggravate the damage. It is better to employ gradual means such as using the floor vents of the AC. The resin should be checked as well because the temperature difference between this and the glass should not exceed 10 degrees.


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