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Kutztown PA windshield replacement cost When you need a windshield replacement in PA, it is critical that you find an auto glass shop that knows what they are doing. Sometimes, going for the cheapest windshield replacement prices can really affect the quality of the work. The trick is to find a reputable auto glass service that has experienced technicians, with proper training and honest prices.

When you contact Liberty AutoGlass for your windshield replacement or repair, you have found what you are looking for. Liberty AutoGlass offers trusted and experienced auto glass services in Kutztown PA and the surrounding areas.

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We only employ the best team of auto glass experts who have extensive experience in the industry. Furthermore, they have years of training, ensuring that they stay up to date on all of the advances that happen in the auto glass industry. We offer in-shop and mobile services. Call our office today for a free estimate.

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The Dangers Of Rust & Your Windshield

improper windshield installationMost people have seen vehicles that have rust spots on the doors, hood or fenders or even along the wheel wells. Anywhere where there is metal, eventually rust has the possibility of developing.

Many times it’s relatively easy to spot rust on the body of a vehicle. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all rust is as easy to spot.

Sometimes the rust is not visible. It continues to spread, causing more damage until the problem becomes so severe that other issues arise. This aspect is especially true if you have hidden rust under the windshield.

Causes Of Rust Under Your Windshield

One of the things that can make your vehicle prone to windshield rust is…

if you replaced the original windshield. If the original seal is tampered with, such as in the event of a windshield replacement, it could be vulnerable to rust. This situation is especially specific for an improper windshield replacement. Many car owners fall for cheap windshield replacement quotes and get the cheapest windshield replacement near me. When this happens, the replacement usually ends up miserably failing.

The Pinch Weld

windscreen safetyWhen a windshield is correctly installed, your windshield will sit in a pinch weld. A pinch weld is a grove whose design holds the windshield in place. However, during the removal of a windscreen, the glass technician might have accidentally damaged the pinch weld or scratched the frame around it. This damage can result in moisture accumulating in and around the pinch weld, leading to rust, and eventually, safety problems.

Any damage to the pinch weld during glass installation requires an immediate repair.

It is imperative that the windshield has a clean pinch weld to sit in to ensure a quality installation. It cannot have damages or scratches. Otherwise, the glass might not sit correctly, or the seal might fail.

Scratches can lead to rust if the technician doesn’t apply a primer before the new windshield installation. It doesn’t take much time or effort to take care of scratches or other damage. However, if left unnoticed, they can lead to more significant issues. Always choose a trusted installer who knows how to provide a quality windshield installation.

Always Choose A Trusted Auto Glass Shop

A vehicle that still has its original windshield will not develop hidden rust around the seal or pinch weld. However, if there has been any damage, it’s important to make sure that an experienced technician handles your windshield installation. If during installation, the glass technician notices any signs of rust, they should sand or grind away as much rust as possible. They should clean the area, then apply a coat of primer to protect against further damage.

The Problems With An Incorrect Windshield Installation

Rust that develops around the windshield can cause water leaks.

The water leaks will only exacerbate the problem, leading to a seal or installation that could fail. Without a quality seal your windshield might not hold up during a crash, this could pose a significant safety hazard.

Of course, rust and corrosion can result from a variety of causes. For example, a defective windshield, the wrong adhesive, or even an improper windshield installation. It must fit into the pinch weld precisely the way it should. Otherwise, it can all make it easier for moisture to seep in. Whatever the reason, when your windshield develops rust, it can leave you at risk. Always trust a professional glass installation company to install auto glass.

Windshield Replacement Cost Kutztown PA

For the best windshield replacement cost near me, be sure to contact the professionals at Liberty AutoGlass. We have the knowledge, training, and experience to replace your windshield correctly. This ensures your safety in the event of an accident.

We offer a full line of auto glass services. Our services are performed either in-shop or and windshield replacement come to you services. We specialize in windshield repairs, replacements, back glass, side glass, and much more. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Some of the areas we service include Breinigsville, Kutztown, Mertztown, Topton and these zip codes: 19522, 19530, 19539, 19562 as well as all surrounding areas in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

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