How Does Auto Glass Repair Work With Tinted Windows?

auto glass repair for a tinted car window

Privacy-conscious car owners love their tinted windows. If the car glass is damaged, then they worry about how this affects the tint. They want to learn about extra measures needed to return to normal. They strive to understand how the repair process works for their darkened panels. Auto glass repair companies get these inquiries all the time. At Liberty AutoGlass, we do everything to assure clients that their cars are in good hands. In this article, we discuss tinted auto glass repair in detail so they know what to expect. Below are some of the basics for anyone interested in the topic.

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Window Tint & Auto Glass Damage

Any damage to a tinted auto glass should be checked by an auto glass shop right away. Even seemingly minor cracks or chips deserve immediate attention. These might not pose a threat to the safety of the driver and the passengers today but they can become a hazard later on. It is not a good idea to neglect these since small auto glass chips and cracks have a way of growing bigger under repeated stress. Cracks can spread across the surface and weaken the structure. When this happens, the auto glass will be more susceptible to breakage. It is always better to be proactive in these matters.

As for the tint, the affected sections around the damaged area may start to loosen up. Remember that this is a film that is applied on the glass, not part of the panel itself. It can peel away from the surface and cause an eyesore. Aside from being unsightly, the peeling leaves gaps that reduce the privacy and security provided by the tinted glass. It is clear that owners will need to act fast in order to prevent all these from happening to their car. If they intervene early enough, then they can avert disaster. All that’s needed are simple repairs from qualified professionals.

On the other hand, those who are slow to solve the problem might find themselves in a tricky situation. The tint film may unravel over time such that repairs will no longer suffice. In this situation, owners will need to replace the tint throughout the affected car window. A tint replacement is more complicated and expensive compared to window tint repairs. Those who are trying to save money should not drag their feet when it comes to fixing the problem. Quick action will leave them with less stress, lower expenses, and better-looking car windows.

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Auto Glass Repair Process

Minor car glass damage on tinted windows is usually manageable with professional repairs. Of course, it will still boil down to different factors such as the size and depth of the auto glass cracks. Some areas of the glass panel are also easier to repair than others. Auto glass technicians will conduct an evaluation and recommend a course of action. The process of repairs for tinted and non-tinted windows is nearly the same. There are a few extra steps but these shouldn’t take that much time to complete. The following are the basic steps followed in most shops:

1. Tint Removal

image of car window tint removal

If the glass itself was damaged, then that means the tint film above it took hits as well. Technicians will have to isolate the affected areas and remove the film carefully so as not to disturb the pristine parts. Since these are repairs, the removal is localized. The rest of the tint remains untouched.

2. Glass Cleaning

Once the tint is off, technicians will have to clean the exposed surface. There could still be debris and other unwanted particles in the cracks. All of them will have to be removed for the next steps to be successful. Otherwise, the filler won’t be effective.

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3. Resin Injection

image of an auto glass technician injecting resin during an auto glass repair

Now that there is an immaculately clean surface, the technicians can move on to the next step. They will inject resin into the cracks and chips to seal them all up. The filler will need a bit of time to bind with the glass and become permanent. The duration will depend on the weather, the amount of resin used, and other factors.

4. Tint Application

After waiting for a sufficient period, technicians can be certain that the resin has dried and set on the glass. They will be able to apply new tint film onto the exposed area. This is done with the utmost care given the sensitivity of the materials.

There are plenty of ways in which this could go wrong. Amateurs can attempt it but they are prone to mistakes due to inexperience. By relying on a professional, car owners can expect quality workmanship and fast completion every time.

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Tinted windows are highly functional glass panels. Most car owners want to keep the tint even after the glass has sustained damage. As long as they come for repairs early, technicians can help them fix minor damage in no time at all. It is better to avoid DIY auto glass repair solutions since these tend to end in sub-optimal results. Botched repairs are hard to fix since the resin can no longer be removed once injected. The only remedy, in this case, is to replace the whole panel. Clearly, owners should do it right the first time by getting help from trained technicians.


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