Why Are My Headlights Foggy?

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A lot of accidents happen in the dark. When there is poor visibility, drivers have a hard time making the right decisions on the roads. Rain, dust, and other things can make the situation worse. Headlights can help in low light conditions, but only if they are in top shape. If a headlight is foggy, then it won’t be of much use to the motorist. Visibility can be reduced by half. It can also be unsightly. Owners should understand why the headlight gets fogged up and the benefits of headlight restoration services.

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Common Causes For Foggy Headlights

In this article, we discuss why your car’s headlights may appear foggy and what you can do to repair this issue.

1. Flying Debris

Roads are littered with debris, salt, and gravel. These are kicked up when tires roll over them. Sometimes these hit the windshield, and sometimes they hit the lights. There is a protective topcoat that keeps the lamps clear and shiny, but this can gradually get worn down by debris. Tiny pits will appear on the surface. Scratches will soon be visible. All of these contribute to the cloudy appearance.

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2. Dirt And Chemicals

Dirt is everywhere. Car surfaces, including the areas above the headlight, can get dirty and dusty over time. Chemical exposure can also wreak havoc on the lenses. If the layer of dirt builds up to a significant amount, then this thin layer can make the light beam seem dimmer than normal. Drivers will not be able to see as much as they should in the dark. This can lead to poor decisions.

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3. Oxidation

If the top of the headlights are made from acrylic material, then expect it to suffer from discoloration over the years because of sun exposure. Ultraviolet rays change its chemical composition which leads to a yellowing of the clear panel. Carmakers know about this phenomenon so they often apply a protective topcoat to the lenses. However, the coat can wear off leaving the headlights vulnerable.

4. Water Vapor

Moisture can prevent the headlights from functioning correctly so manufacturers seal them up to make sure they stay dry. However, the watertight seal does not last forever. When it breaks due to wear and tear, moisture will start to get in and condensation will become visible. The frustrating thing about this is that it’s on the other side so you can’t just wipe it away. Since water droplets have a scattering effect on light, visibility will be negatively affected.

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How To Avoid Foggy Headlights

You can try to avoid or at least delay this yellowing of the headlight by developing good habits as a car owner. For example, you should refrain from parking your car under the sun for long periods. Look for a shaded area such as a garage or a leafy tree. This should limit UV exposure while keeping your interiors nice and cool.

You should also make it a point to wash the car regularly. Since dirt and chemicals are problematic, prevent these from building up in the first place. Special automotive soaps are formulated precisely to remove substances that cause headlight fogging. You will get better results with these compared to regular soaps.

Another thing that you can do is to polish the headlight lenses from time to time. Use a microfiber cloth or a similarly soft material to prevent abrasion. They will look nice and shiny as if they were brand new. They will also perform at their best when you need them.

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Professional Headlight Restoration Services

Sometimes many take preventive measures after the headlights are already too fogged up. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace everything right away. A bit of restoration work will be sufficient. Do not attempt to perform DIY restoration as the results tend to be unsatisfactory and they don’t last very long. The best solution is to get the services of professional headlight restoration specialists. They can sand, polish, and seal the headlights to remove the problem while preventing a recurrence. Find a trusted service provider, Like Liberty AutoGlass, for impeccable results.

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