Headlight Restoration Services

Liberty AutoGlass can get you seeing clearly again with our headlight restoration services.

  • Are you having problems seeing at night?
  • Do you need to drive with your high beams on to be able to see the road ahead of you?

Believe it or not this is a common problem – and an unsafe one. If you are unable to see properly than it is only reasonable to assume that others cannot see you either. One of our fundamental business goals is to make driving safer for our customers and their families.

When the plastic lenses are made by the factory when new, a coating is applied to the plastic to protect them from the UV from the sun and the harsh elements. The UV coating becomes discolored over time, resulting in dull, yellowed headlights.

Many of our competitors offer “headlight restoration” by sanding off the discolored coating and polishing the plastic underneath to a shine. This results in a great looking, clear headlight. The problem with this method is that the plastic lens is no longer protected from wear and WILL dull quickly.

The ONLY proper way to restore faded headlights is the process we use that removes and replaces the UV coating.

There are a few restrictions to this service:

  1. This service is only available at our shop.
  2. The process will not repair cracks in the lenses.
  3. The lens cannot have water on the inside.

Restoring both headlights is only $89.95 + tax. There is no need to remove the headlights from the car. Replacing the headlights can be a time consuming and costly process. Restoring the headlights is a very affordable solution to correcting a safety hazard with your vehicle.

The process takes approximately 1.5 hours for both headlights to be completed.

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