Get Your Car Ready For Holiday Travel

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Since the long holiday season is here, it is important for every consumer to take proactive measures to ensure they can safely drive to their destination. This includes getting an oil change, replacing your tires, and repairing your windshield. This way, you can arrive at your destination in a worry-free manner. In this article, we will discuss some tips to help you get ready for holiday car travel.

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Get Your Car Ready For Holiday Travel

Below, we share some tips to get ready to travel in your car for the holidays.

Fix Cracks And Chips On Your Windshield

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It is important that you do not travel for the holidays with a cracked windshield. Chips or cracks get bigger and bigger during the winter. Ideally, fix the chip or crack fixed before you hit the road. If the chip or crack is not repairable, then you will need to schedule a windshield replacement. Only a professional auto glass shop should carry out repairs and replacements. Only they have the skills to repair or replace your windshield properly. For those in northeastern Pennsylvania, be sure to call Liberty AutoGlass for fast and affordable auto glass services.

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Change Your Engine Oil

Engine oil performs a number of important functions. The first is lubricating all the moving parts in the engine. The second function is to wash away metal filings that may be produced due to friction, wear, and tear. With time, it is important you change the engine oil.

As you prepare for holiday travel…

this is a great opportunity to schedule an oil change. This ensures your engine runs well, especially during the cold weather. Be sure to top off all other fluids in the vehicle, such as transmission and brake fluid.

Change Your Tires

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As you travel for the holidays, you do not want to drive on slippery roads with bald tires. When some of your tires are almost bald, consider replacing them. Otherwise, you should rotate your tires to ensure they wear out more evenly. However, the best option is to invest in a set of four winter tires. Alternatively, you can buy four all-season tires.

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Change Your Windshield Wipers

There is nothing as bad as a wiper that cannot wipe all the snow from your windscreen.

Since snow reduces visibility and puts you at risk when driving…

consider replacing your windshield wipers when they are not working well. This does not cost a lot of money. However, it will greatly improve your safety during winter travel so it is well worth it.


Windshield Safety: How Your Windshield Protects You

Many people tend to put off auto glass repairs before they take long road trips. They worry about chipped windshield repair costs instead of prioritizing their safety.

However, the windshield plays a number of crucial roles.

The first is providing visibility of the road ahead. Secondly, it protects the driver from flying debris and the elements. Thirdly, the windscreen helps to separate the indoor and outdoor environments to make heating and cooling inside the vehicle possible. Furthermore, windshields are a primary safety feature. They prevent the driver and passengers from being thrown out of the vehicle when an accident occurs. When it is compromised with a crack or chip, then it cannot perform its duty. Also, a windshield ensures the proper deployment of your airbag. Once again, when your windshield is damaged, your airbag could not deploy as needed in an accident. Therefore, this auto glass deserves a lot of attention and professional care.

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Importance Of Professional Auto Glass Services

When your windscreen develops a crack or windshield chip, it will need a repair or replacement, depending on the damage. Some people are tempted to buy a cracked windshield repair kit. However, since you are not an auto expert, you should hire an experienced auto glass repair company to help you determine what your windshield requires in order to keep you safe while traveling. An experienced professional has the knowledge to properly repair or replace your windshield. When your windshield is free from any cracks or chips, you can drive safely for your holiday travels.

If you are questioning “How do you stop a windshield crack from spreading?” or you are trying to find the “best windshield repair kit” or “DIY windshield repair“, then it is time to call in a professional auto glass expert. For those who are in northeastern PA, you can call Liberty AutoGlass.

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Liberty AutoGlass is your go-to when you need an experienced and trustworthy auto glass shop in the area. Our team consists of licensed auto glass technicians who can provide the best windshield repairs and installations. This way, your windshield can do its job in the event of an accident. Our experts use the highest quality materials to ensure that your safety is a priority. We also work with all major insurance companies and can handle your claim from beginning to end.

The mobile auto glass services that Liberty AutoGlass offers will allow your damaged windshield or broken auto glass to be repaired or replaced quickly and at the convenience of wherever your car is parked. Therefore, we come to you and you can go about your day as you would normally, without any interruptions. Liberty AutoGlass fixes windshields, back glass, door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and more.

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