Windshield Chip Repair Problems You May Experience

Updated: 07/13/2022
chip on a windshield

The concern and annoyance that overcome car owners when they see a chip or a crack in their windshield are justified. A tiny crack could expand, and soon, a penny-sized spot could cover a good portion of the windshield area. The solution should be easy – get your car to a vehicle service shop to get it fixed.

But lo and behold, your car rolls out of the shop, and it could still look like nothing changed. Was the damage that bad? Is the shop repairman incompetent? Or did the shop fix the problem, but something hit the windshield again and damaged it further? What causes these windshield chip repair problems?

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Car Windshield Chip Repair Didn’t Work? Here’s Why

Unfortunately, a windshield repair can be imperfect and infuriating. However, there are possible reasons why the windshield chip repair failed. Here are some of them.

Dusty Or Dirty Windshield

Dirty windshield of a car

Windshields bear the brunt of the wind and everything it brings with it. If the windshield repair failed, it could be because the auto glass technician did not clean the surface thoroughly.

Tiny particulates get in the way when the auto glass expert applies the resin onto the windshield. These particles mix with the resin in its liquid state, so when it dries, the particles remain in the resin. If other particles are mixed in, the resin will not cure properly.

Solution: Before the technician fixes the windshield, it should be washed, dried, and wiped off to remove any dust, dirt, or debris that may be present on the surface. Only then should the technician begin the windshield repair process.

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Cold Weather & Its Effect On Windshield Repair

Lower temperatures affect the drying time of the resin. During this period, anything could happen. As a remedy to this issue, the technician will likely use a UV lamp. Doing so, hastens the curing of the resin a bit. In some cases, the technician may even pre-heat the windshield before the application of the resin. The process is slow and precise but necessary.

Another challenge that technicians face when repairing a car windshield in cold weather is the presence of moisture. Low temperatures can encourage ice, snow, or water to slip through the cracks. If temperatures dip further, any moisture trapped in the chip or crack will freeze, then expand. Once water expands, it can push the glass outward and cause more damage. The auto glass technician must inspect the damage carefully for the presence of moisture to prevent this from happening. If there is water in between the cracks, it must be removed or allowed to evaporate before they carry out any auto glass repairs.

Solution: Auto glass technicians must take extra precautions when repairing a cracked or chipped windshield during unfavorable weather.

driving in winter weather

The Windshield Repair Resin Was Not Allowed To Cure Properly

The resin used to fix vehicle windshields is a mix of polymers and monomers that adhere to the surface of the auto glass cracks or chips. The bonding to the surface of the damaged part may occur due to chemical or mechanical bonding. As the resin cures, it may shrink slightly.

The ideal curing speed for most resins is around 2 to 5 minutes. Slow curing helps control how much the resin shrinks and keeps any residual stress at the minimum. If the resin cures too fast, there will be more shrinkage and stress. This causes the polymer chain to break, making the damage more visible.

Solution: The technician should be careful about the curing process and follow the recommended curing time for the specific brand and resin type that they use.

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Complex Windshield Damage

A simple repair job can not fix severe car windshield damage. If the chip or crack is too large, trying to fix the glass using simple methods might compromise the strength of the windshield.

Solution: The technicians working on the glass should consider all available options and recommend alternatives in case repair will lead to further damage.


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