What Type Of Glass Is Used In Car Windows?

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When we look at cars, we often focus on the fancier aspects of the design while ignoring the safety features. Only when we get into trouble do we fully appreciate the presence of certain components and their role in saving us from harm. Auto glass is a good example of this. It is usually overlooked but it is instrumental in minimizing injuries due to collisions.

Most drivers think that all auto glass is the same type of glass. Surprisingly enough, there are two car glass types used in your car. These two different types of glass are found in different areas of your car. Liberty AutoGlass agrees that it’s easy to think that all auto glass looks the same. However, there are significant distinctions that are worth noting.

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What Type Of Glass Is Used For Car Windows?

In this article, we will explain the differences between auto glass.

By learning the different types of auto glass…

you will learn to appreciate what it does for you. You will explore the function that your windshield plays and you will understand the importance of replacing it when it is damaged. Even when you need a car side window replacement in the Northampton PA area, you will understand that even these windows work to keep you safe in an accident. This is why it is important to opt for high-quality auto glass replacement as opposed to cheap window replacement for cars.

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Laminated Auto Glass

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Laminated glass is used for the windshield. While driving, the front of the car experiences the greatest amount of stress from the wind, flying debris, and head-on collisions. It is only fitting for the glass in this area to be the most durable. Using anything less would expose the driver and passengers to danger.

Not only would flying objects break through a weak barrier…

but the resulting shards would also scatter everywhere and hit the occupants of the vehicle. Engineers have pondered this problem for decades and the best solution so far has been the process of car glass lamination.

Laminated glass is composed of three layers. Two of these are actual glass which sandwiches a thin film between them. In the factory, they are fused through high heat and pressure until they become a single unit. Their fusion makes the resulting piece much stronger than any of the individual layers. It is able to handle stresses more readily. If a hard object hits the windshield, the damage will be isolated to a small area. It is still possible to have this repaired by scheduling a windshield repair. Even if massive damage is sustained, the broken shards will stick to the film instead of flying into the interior.

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Tempered Auto Glass

As for the rear and the sides of the car, tempered glass is the barrier of choice. Their position makes them less likely to suffer damage but manufacturers still aren’t taking any chances. They heat up the glass to temperatures in excess of a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. It is then cooled rapidly after which the inner structure changes in an impressive way. The result of this tempering process is a piece that can withstand much greater forces than it could prior to the procedure.

There is no need to install thick windows as a thin panel of tempered glass can be just as resilient to impact. Excessive forces will not pose a big threat either despite the lack of adhesive film. If the panel gets shattered, then the whole thing will turn into tiny bits of fragment which are no bigger than rock salt. There will be no large sharp pieces that could cut the passengers.


The Importance of Professional Auto Glass Repairs

As you can see, auto glass is more complicated than it might seem. Auto glass repairs and installations should only be entrusted to auto glass professionals who can get high-quality panels for the specific model. This guarantees excellent fit and workmanship.

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When looking for an auto glass shop in your area, make sure that you find a reputable auto glass shop. Don’t be swayed by auto glass repair and replacement costs alone. You never want to opt for cheap, low-quality auto glass services, especially where it concerns your safety. A reliable auto glass company offers honest, professional, and fast auto glass repair and replacement services. Technicians should be SIKA certified and approved by The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council. When you work with a professional, they should address your auto glass needs. Their work should be performed with your safety in mind. Of course, their services should be friendly and affordably priced.

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