How Is Windshield Replacement Done?

The windshield is an important safety component of your car. Specifically, it enhances the structural strength of your car and may also keep you from being ejected from your car in the event of an accident. Additionally, it helps keep things out of your car. For these reasons, when choosing a windshield replacement service, it is vital to choose a qualified and certified auto glass professional. In particular, you should choose a SIKA factory trained technician. Unqualified and untrained technicians tend to commit all sorts of fatal errors including failing to use the necessary bonding agents. This is according to the ABC News program 20/20 on windshield safety. With that in mind, here are the key steps for installing a replacement windshield.


Main Steps Of Windshield Replacement

Removing The Damaged Windshield

windshield replacement near me in Easton PAThe first step involves loosening the damaged windshield. To do this, a technician uses a razor to remove the old trim while holding the windscreen in place. This process is similar to removing the caulking around a home’s window in order to remove the window. Next, the technician lifts the windshield away from the car. To ensure the windshield does not break during this process, the auto glass technician may use large suction cups with handles to dislodge the windscreen out of place. The suction cups would also make it easier to lift and move the windscreen.

Cleaning And Preparing The Pinch Weld

The second step involves cleaning out and preparing the small gap between the windscreen and the body of your car. This is also known as the pinch weld. This gap holds the edges of the windscreen, ensuring it remains in place. Over time, dirt and old urethane tends to build up in this space. This means that, if your windshield replacement technician fails to clean and properly prepare the pinch weld, it will not hold the replacement windshield properly. Consequently, it is an incorrect windshield replacement which will not keep you safe in an accident.

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Application of Fresh Adhesive (Urethane)

windshield replacement processAfter cleaning and preparing the pinch weld, your windshield replacement technician will apply an adhesive (urethane) to the edges of the pinch weld. This process requires speed and skill. More specifically, your window replacement technician would need to apply the adhesive evenly and quickly to ensure it does not begin to set before the technician places the replacement windshield in the pinch weld. This is a step where the DIY process usually creates issues. Many are lured to use DIY windshield repair kits or even conduct a replacement themselves. That being said, it is not safe to conduct a DIY windshield replacement.

Replacement Windshield Installation

Finally, the technician will install the replacement windshield. Using bars and suction cups, the technician will push the replacement windshield into the pinch weld. He will hold it there until the urethane begins to set. This typically happens after several minutes. Next, the technician will remove the suction cups and allow the windshield to cure completely. The factors that determine the cure time include the type of urethane used and the prevailing temperature.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Windshield Replacement Technician

SIKA certifiedSome of the important factors to consider when choosing a windshield replacement technician include:

  • Certification: Choose a professional who is SIKA certified.
  • Original equipment glass: Original equipment glass is generally of a higher quality than aftermarket glass. Additionally, it fits better.
  • Cost: Although you shouldn’t necessary go for the lowest quote, you should shop around for the best deal. Remember that you windshield plays a major role when it comes to your safety. Therefore, choose the best price for the best quality work.

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Windshield Replacement Near Me Easton PA

The windshield replacement process involves the four steps discussed in this article. When looking for a windshield replacement service, you should choose a certified and qualified professional.

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