Autonomous Cars And Safety

March 20, 2017

With the world quickly shifting to autopilot, autonomous cars have been the hot topic of discussion for manufacturers. They’re eager to get more surroundings sensible, self-driving vehicles on the road. While some consumers have mixed feelings about it, many are just as excited to become owners of shiny, new toys. The drawback from the rest of them is the same topic swirling with regulators and more conservative industry leaders, they want to make sure autonomous cars are safe. Click through to read more on this subject.

Protecting Your Children While Driving With Auto Glass Repair

March 6, 2017
car driving tips with kids

Your kids are always at the forethought of your mind in regards to safety. You never want to see them get injured or put in harm’s way whenever it is avoidable. Putting them in the car exposes them to many risks. These risks are not always be anticipated when sharing the roads with other drivers. You can, however, avoid texting or drinking alcoholic beverages when driving. It is important that you are safe when you get behind the wheel. Also, you can keep you and your loved ones safe by maintaining your car. This makes sure that every time you leave home, you are as safe as can be. Click through to read more on this subject.

How To Protect Your Windshield During The Winter

January 30, 2017
how to drive safely in the winter

When it comes to prepping cars for the cold season, most motorists think about switching to winter tires, checking brake pads and ensuring the heating system works perfectly. However, not many think about how they could protect their car’s windshield during the icy months. Being able to see the road clearly when driving is highly important. You, thus, need to take some measures to protect your windshield during winter. Click through to read more on this topic.

Price Steering And Unscrupulous Practices In The Auto Glass Industry

August 29, 2016
what is deceptive pricing

Consumers have, more than likely, heard some common business terms that refer to unscrupulous practices within a
certain industry. These terms are used to designate practices where a business takes advantage of the consumer by convincing the consumer to purchase their product for a set price and then adding hidden fees. Furthermore, they did this by presenting a once in a lifetime offer that the consumer just couldn’t resist because the price was supposedly within their budget.

When the consumer received the bill, they did not pay what the company had told them that they were going to pay. The hidden fees make the total price astronomical. Essentially, a business that uses these types of techniques misleads the consumer on price, quality, and value of a service or product. In this article, we will discuss some of these practices and what you can do to beware of them.

The Cost Of Deceptive AutoGlass Pricing

July 25, 2016
pricing standards

What’s in the price may be the better question than what is the price.

We understand that money is a major driver in any transaction. The first thought when anyone needs repairs to their car is, “how much is this going to cost me? “. How much it will cost and the actual price quoted may not be the same thing. Click through to find out what deceptive pricing is and how to avoid it.