Can Windshield Repairs Be Successful In Cold Weather?

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The windscreen on a car plays a number of important roles. It protects the driver from flying debris, such as insects and dust. It also protects the driver from oncoming wind and precipitation, which can reduce visibility of the road ahead. A windshield prevents the car’s occupants from being ejected or crushed in an accident. The windscreen also plays a crucial role when it comes to heating and cooling the car. This is because it separates the environment inside the vehicle from the outside environment. This makes HVAC possible. Therefore, it is important to repair your windshield immediately when it has a crack or chip. This will prevent the damage from getting worse. Also, it will prevent from needing a windshield replacement. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about repairing your windshield in the cold weather to avoid paying windshield replacement cost. Northampton PA and surrounding area residents can take advantage of the professional services that Liberty AutoGlass has to offer.

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The Best Time For Windshield Repair

The best time for any auto glass repair is on a sunny day, when the temperature is between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the crack or the chip is dry. The resin can reach every space inside the crack and form a tight bond. Environmental conditions like this also allow the resin to cure quickly and properly. Repair the glass immediately when it gets a crack or chip on a warm, sunny day. The extent of the damage will increase further due to the warm sunny conditions. This is especially true if you question “how much to replace a windshield without insurance?”. It is cheaper to repair it than replacing an entire windshield.

Windshield Repair In Cold Weather

Contact us today or give us a call at (610) 377-7787 or (877) 90-GLASS if you have any questions. Click here to view our complete mobile auto glass service area in Pennsylvania.Auto glass can develop chips and cracks at any time regardless of the season. In fact, more windshields break in the winter than in the summer. This is because auto glass normally freezes in the cold of winter. As a result, any impact leads to a chip or crack. Many times, paying the replacement, or new windshield cost, is required. Repairing a windshield during winter is not conducive, but it is possible. However, the resin will take longer to cure in the cold, so you will need to drive your car slowly and carefully to give the resin time. Only an experienced professional who knows how to repair damaged windshields in cold weather can offer this service.

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When temperatures are between 25 to 60 degrees, the application of a thinner resin can repair a cracked windshield. This thinner resin is able to get into the nooks and crannies of the crack or chip. Since UV light cures the resin, the use of a UV lamp cures the resin before you can drive off in your car.

car after windshield replacementA wet or damp windscreen will need to dry off in a garage or any other dry place. The moisture needs to get out of the crack or chip before a repair can take place. This is important because resin cannot properly fill cracks that has a high moisture content.

When temperatures are below freezing, your windshield repair can not take place until you defrost it. The windshield repair expert will ask you to turn on the defroster. This will warm up the windshield before the repair job commences. Once your auto glass is warm enough, the auto glass repair expert applies the resin. Then, a UV light cures it.

Only experienced professionals who offer guarantees should work on your auto glass and windshield. Do not focus on windshield chip repair cost alone. Choose quality and safety over price.

Windshield Replacement Cost Northampton PA

image of windshield replacement cost in northampton pennsylvaniaWhen researching for the cheapest windshield replacement near me, make sure that you find a reputable auto glass shop.

Liberty AutoGlass offers ethical pricing for professional and fast windshield repair and replacement services. You can trust our SIKA certified technicians to get the job done accurately, with your safety in mind. Our services have have been approved by The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council. This implies that, by working with us, you will receive a high standard of service. We also offer mobile services. Be sure to give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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